Total Lawn Care Maintenance

Our Total Lawn Care Maintenance package includes:

  1. Mowing – Our team of lawn care professionals will cut your grass evenly and remove the excess clumps to insure that your yard is inviting to your family and guests.
  2. Weed Eating – We clear the grass from along side your home, around air conditioning units, and in between the places your lawn mower and other lawns services can not reach.
  3. Weeding – We will hand pull weeds from flowerbeds to add the personal grooming touch your property deserves.
  4. Edging – Our edging services give your lawn the clean, crisp look by cutting those stray blades of grass that attempt to cover your sidewalks, driveways and flowerbeds.
  5. Hedges – Whether you want rounded or flat hedges we are able to make sure you are satisfied with our hedge shaping services.
  6. Tree Trimming – Those trees that have over grown your yard and caused it to look unorganized will be trimmed back to showcase your beautiful lawn.

You have the flexibility to choose exactly which of the services you prefer. Whether it is a one time cut or a seasonal contract.

To discuss how we can make your yard a place you like to call home give us a call at 813-817-7543